Established in 1998, Archaetnos was formed by three archaeologists to provide them with an opportunity to be in the forefront of their various fields of expertise, by doing what they love best, being archaeologists. The company has grown to such an extent that each of the individuals has since ventured on their own paths. The Director of the company, prof Anton C van Vollenhoven has wide-ranging experience in the field of Cultural Heritage Resources Surveys and Management and participated in and completed more than 1162 such projects in the last 25 years. He also has more than 23 years Museological experience and more than 23 years teaching experience.

He is an extraordinary professor at the North-West University and a regular voice on radio stations regarding aspects of archaeology and heritage. He has also made a few television appearances.

Through the last few years, various associations were formed and working relationships built with other specialists in their different fields, making the Archaetnos archives of knowledge and skills quite remarkable.

Archaetnos is based in Pretoria and supply a number of services, including Cultural Heritage Resources Surveys for clients in many spheres of development – please see our page on the different services available.

The company specializes in:

  • Archaeological impact assessments
  • Heritage impact assessments
  • Archaeological research
  • Cultural resources management
  • Historical/archival research
  • Display/exhibition research & development
  • Grave exhumation & relocation
  • Land claims investigations
  • Heritage management plans

As member, AC van Vollenhoven BA, BA (Hons), DTO, NDM, MA (Archaeology) [UP], MA (Culture History) [US], DPhil (Archaeology) [UP], Man Dip [TUT], DPhil (History)[US], L Akad [SA]

Assisted by various qualified archaeologists and heritage practitioners.

Registered as professional member with the Association for South African Professional Archaeologists (no. 166) and the South African Society for Cultural Historians (no. CH001).

Assistant Archaeologist, Johan Smit BA, BA (Hons)

Assistant Archaeologist, Daniƫl Viljoen, BA, BA (Hons)

Researcher, Lynette Boardman, BCom (Law), BA (Hons), MSc