About Archaetnos

Company Vision

Archaetnos is a Cultural Heritage Consulting Company, aiming at the preservation, promotion and sustainable utilization of South Africa’s rich and diverse cultural heritage to the benefit of all South Africans. It is believed that cultural heritage is not only part of the past, but also the present and the future. It is the company’s vision to become the leader in the field of Cultural Heritage Management in South Africa


The company has wide-ranging experience in the field of Cultural Heritage Resources Surveys and Management, and participated in and completed more than 1195 such projects in the past 25 years. The Director also has more than 23 years of Museological experience and more than 23 years teaching experience. Archaetnos will achieve it’s mission through the following:

  • The conducting of Heritage & Archaeological Impact Assessments (HIA’s & AIA’s) and the carrying out of mitigation measures to minimise the negative effects of development on the Cultural Heritage
  • The development and implementation of sustainable Cultural Resources Management Plans
  • The conducting of historical and archival research
  • The presentation of Cultural Heritage Workshops and Training Courses for a wide spectrum of Interested & Affected Parties. These will include City & Town Councils, Developers, Students and the broader public
  • The development and implementation of specialized exhibitions and displays with an archaeological & historical (cultural heritage) content
  • The conducting of scientific research projects
  • Through both popular & scientific publications and lectures. These will include survey reports, excavation reports, publications in scientific & popular journals, popular books and lectures at Conferences and Popular forums

The above will be based on paper authentic and credible scientific research.


Archaetnos received an award for heritage conservation from the mining group, BHP Billiton and was voted the Best Cultural Heritage Consulting Company in South Africa in the MEA Business Awards 2022, hosted by MEA Markets.