A report on a heritage walkdown study for the proposed new 275KV Powerline between the Glockner-Kookfontein Substations Vereeniging, Gauteng


Archaetnos cc was requested by BAAGI Environmental Consultants, on behalf of ESKOM, to conduct a Heritage Walk Down for their new 275Kv Power Line between the Glockner and Kookfontein substations on various portions of the farm Kookfontein 545 IQ near Vereeniging in Gauteng. Archaetnos cc also conducted an HIA for the same line during February 2009 (see Report AE902).

No cultural heritage (archaeological or historical) sites, features and objects of significance were identified during the Walk Down. From a Cultural Heritage point of view there would therefore be no reason why the development could not take place, taking cognizance of a number of recommendations put forward at the end of this report.

Report by

A.J. Pelser