A heritage impact assessment study for proposed mining prospecting on various portions of the farm Stein Coal Spruit 1171, emnabithi (Ladysmith) District, Kwazulu Natal


Archaetnos cc was requested by Exclusive Access Trading (Pty) Ltd in March 2011 to conduct a Archaeological and Historical (Heritage) Desktop Study for proposed mining prospecting (drilling) on various portions of the farm Stein Coal Spruit 1171 GS, in the Emnambithi Magisterial District of Kwazulu Natal. The aims were to determine if there are any archaeological and historical sites, features and object in the area that need be taken into consideration when prospecting work commences.

Various sources were consulted for the desktop study. From this it was clear that there are a number of known heritage resources in the larger geographical area, as well as some sites within the boundaries of the prospecting area. It was also envisaged that a number of previously unknown sites might exist here. A number of recommendations were put forward at the end of the desktop report, and the report sent to Amafa for comments. They concurred with our findings and recommended that a Heritage Impact Assessment be conducted prior to prospecting taking place. We were duly appointed by Exclusive Access Trading to conduct said impact assessment and this document is the result of the fieldwork conducted in April 2011.

A number of cultural heritage (archaeological and historical) sites, features and objects were identified and recorded during the fieldwork in the area. The report discusses these sites, and a number of recommendations are put forward at the end. Should these be implemented there would be no objection from a Heritage point of view to the proposed mining prospecting on Stein Coal Spruit.

Report by

A.J. Pelser
Dr. A.C. van Vollenhoven (L.AKAD.SA.)