A report on a heritage impact assessment for residential development on the farm Vogelfontein 69, Dihlabeng local municipality (Bethlehem), Free State Province


Archaetnos cc was appointed by the Dihlabeng Local Municipality (Bethelehem) buy anadrol to conduct a Heritage Impact Assessment on the farm Vogelfontein 69, near Bethlehem in the Free State Province. A Residential Development (Vegelfo) is being proposed. The project came about on request of the Maseko family, who indicated that there are a number of family graves in the area that will have to be exhumed and relocated before the development could continue. The HIA was then requested as part of the assessment of these possible graves.

Besides the graves a number of other heritage sites were identified in the area of the development. These sites, as well as the possible graves, will be discussed in this report. A number of recommendations in regards to these sites are put forward at the end of this document.

From a Cultural Heritage point of view there is therefore no objection to the proposed development taking place, once the mitigation measures put forward at the end of this report have been successfully implemented. This will include the exhumation and relocation of the graves located in the area.

Report by

A.J. Pelser