Preliminary report regarding research on the Bakoni Ba Marangrang (Badfontein Community) land claim, Thaba Chweu Local Municipality, Ehlanzeni District, Mpumalanga Province


Archaetnos cc was requested by the Office of the State Attorney in Pretoria, as well as the Regional Land Claim Commission for the Mpumalanga Province, to conduct a thorough investigation of competing claims and the assessment of all relevant records regarding the BaKoni Ba Marangrang (Badfontein Community) Land Claim.

As part of the investigation archival, deeds, historic and ethnographic research, as well as aerial photography analysis had to be undertaken, after which the recording of oral traditions of the claimants and the physical inspection of sites associated with the land claims has to be undertaken.

This report constitutes the results of a summary of information contained in the Land Claims files and a Research Report by Gijima Distribution Solutions in 2010. The results of the Archival, Historical, Archaeological and Deeds Office work, as well as the aerial photography analysis will be presented in a separate report. The physical field visits and recording of oral traditions will be undertaken at a later stage as well. A final report containing all information obtained during the various phases will be drafted and submitted at completion of the investigation.

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