A report on a detailed baseline heritage study for the Golden Valley Project, close to Magaliesburg, Gauteng Province


Archaetnos cc was appointed GCS to conduct a detailed baseline heritage study for a mining exploration project, the Golden Valley Project. This forms part of the site selection process. The site is located approximately 5 km from the town of Magaliesburg, Gauteng Province.

The fieldwork undertaken revealed four sites of cultural heritage significance. These are all graveyards. Some of these will be directly impacted on by opencast mining, but some are in areas where underground mining is planned. The first option always is to leave graves in situ. However it does seem that this might not be possible in all cases. It seems as if the first mentioned will have to be exhumed and relocated, whereas the others may be fenced in and managed in order to preserve it. This information, together with desktop data and information obtained from residents are used to assist in the site selection process. The proposed mining exploration can continue only after implementation of the mitigation measures.

Report by

Dr. A.C. van Vollenhoven (L.AKAD.SA.)