A cultural heritage management plan for the heritage sites related to the Mamelodi Hatherley 132kv Powerline Project on Hatherley 331 JR, near Mamelodi, Gauteng


This document constitutes a Cultural Heritage Resources Management Plan for the Mamelodi Hatherley 132kV Powerline Project, located on Hatherley 331 JR near Mamelodi in Gauteng. Sixteen archaeological and historical sites are covered, with two of the sites being the most affected.

Most of the sites date to the Late Iron Age, and constitute stone walled Manala Ndebele settlements while 2 possibly have a historical origin. The sites were evaluated and assessed in terms of the standard criteria for cultural heritage resources.

During the discussion of the cultural heritage resources located in the project area the management guidelines are provided. These are the basic conservation and preservation principles to be used in managing the resources. Recommendations made in the document are done in full cognizance of the National Heritage Resources Act (25 of 1999) and the National Environmental Management Act (Act 107 of 1998).

The Management Plan is an open document that should be adapted and reassessed from time to time. A continuation period of at least five years is given. However any developments undertaken before expiry of the five year period should be used to re-evaluate the possible impact on the cultural resources and to make the necessary changes to the document. The five year period ends in 2016.

Report by

A.J. Pelser - Accredited member of ASAPA