A report on a heritage impact assessment for a proposed storage facility development portion 72 of the farm Bultfontein 533 JQ, near Lanseria, Gauteng


Archaetnos cc was requested by JW Environmental Solutions (Pty) Ltd to conduct a Heritage Impact Assessment for a proposed development of a Storage Facility and Parking area for heavy machinery on Portion 72 of the farm Bultfontein 533 JQ near Lanseria in Gauteng. A 1ha area will be utilized for this purpose, with the exact area not chosen yet.

The area has been fairly extensively disturbed in the recent past by rural/urban developments, agricultural activities, as well as some (informal) residential dumping. However, although there has been some disturbance, a number of sites of some cultural heritage significance were recorded during the site assessment. These sites are discussed in the report, while recommendations regarding the mitigation of impacts on these sites are given at the end of this document.

If the recommendations put forward at the end of this document are implemented, then, from a Cultural Heritage point of view, there would be no objection to the continuing of the proposed development.

Report by

A.J. Pelser - Accredited member of ASAPA