A report on a archaeological impact assessment (AIA) for the proposed Boichoko Township development on portions 11 & 12 of Pens Fontein 449, Postmasburg, Northern Cape Province


Archaetnos cc was appointed by Tswelelelo (Pty) Ltd to conduct an Archaeological Impact Assessment for the proposed Boichoko Township development located on portions 11 & 12 of the farm Pens Fontein 449 near Postmasburg.

The area has been extensively disturbed in the recent past by various activities. No sites of any cultural (archaeological or historical) heritage significance were recorded during the assessment, although some scattered archaeological material (Stone Age tools) and the remains of some recent structures were identified. The report gives a discussion of the results of the assessment and also gives an indication of the methodology followed. It also indicates how to deal with any archaeological material that may be unearthed during the development activities.

The finds are of low significance and the documentation done during the assessment is seen as sufficient mitigation measures. From an archaeological point of view the development can therefore continue.

Report by

A.J. Pelser - Accredited member of ASAPA