Phase 1 heritage impact assessment for the proposed Dark Fibre Africa (Pty) Ltd optic cable network installation Pietermaritzburg to Hillcrest, Kwazulu-Natal


The R 103 between Pietermaritzburg and Hillcrest is the proposed route for the installation of the fibre optic cable. The length of the proposed project is approx. 60 kilometres. The fibre optic cable will be installed in the road reserve of the said route.

The R 103 is closely associated with the Comrades Marathon as this is the route used for the above marathon.

This project may impact on any types and ranges of heritage resources that are outlined in Section 3 of the National Heritage Resources Act (Act 25 of 1999) Consequent a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) was commissioned by Dark Fibre Africa (Pty) Ltd. and conducted by Archaetnos Research and Leonie Marais-Botes (Heritage Practitioner).

A number of heritage sites were identified in the study area.

Report by

Dr A.C. van Vollenhoven