A cultural heritage management plan for the Ga-Mothakge Resort, City of TshwaneSummary

This document entails a cultural heritage resources management plan for the Ga-Mothakge Resort. Two sites of cultural heritage importance resources were found. A third is included as it shows the former position of one of the monuments at the site.

The document gives some basic principles for the heritage management of these. These are the basic conservation and preservation principles to be used in managing cultural resources. Recommendations made in the document are done within the parameters of the National Heritage Resources Act (25 of 1999).

The management plan is an open document meaning that it should be adapted and reassessed from time to time. A continuation period of at least five years is given. However any developments done before the expiry of the five year period should be used to re-evaluate the impact on cultural resources and to make the necessary adaptations to the document. The five year period ends in 2018.

Report by

Dr. A.C. van Vollenhoven (L.AKAD.SA.)