A report on a heritage impact assessment for an amendment to the proposed ESKOM Rietfontein Pumps Lilo Line, Mpumalanga Province


Archaetnos cc was appointed by Texture Environmental Consultants to conduct a
cultural heritage impact assessment for a proposed amendment to the Eskom
Rietfontein pumps lilo line. A previous survey in the area looked at three different
alternatives for the line. After different specialists submitted their reports, it was
decided that alternative 3 be used. However, certain complications with regards to
the land owners now necessitate an amendment to the chosen route. This report
deals with the proposed amended route.

The line will run between the existing Wildebees-Sublime powerline and the
Rietfontein substation. This is to the south of Emalahleni in the Mpumalanga

The fieldwork undertaken revealed one site of cultural heritage significance. The
main reason for this is the disturbance of the area due to agricultural activities. The
route however is not impacting directly on this resource. It should be mitigated
during construction activities, but the proposed route may be utilized.

It should be noted however that the subterranean presence of archaeological and/or
historical sites, features or artifacts is always a distinct possibility. Care should
therefore be taken when the development commences that if any of these are
discovered, a qualified archaeologist be called in to investigate.

Report by

Dr. A.C. van Vollenhoven (L.AKAD.SA.)