A report on a basic heritage assessment for the proposed Eskom Warden-Vrede 88kv Power Line, Free State Province


Archaetnos cc was appointed by Wandima Environmental Services to conduct Basic
Heritage Assessment for the Eskom 88 kV power line between Warden and Vrede.
This is located in the Free State Province.

A basic assessment entails the establishment of a broad framework of the potential
heritage of an area. Two alternatives for the route were investigated.

The fieldwork undertaken revealed six sites of cultural heritage significance. It has
to be realized however, that during a basic assessment a detailed survey is not
done and therefore these sites only are an indication of what is to be expected.
Such sites should rather be avoided during development. If necessary it should be
mitigated during construction activities.

From a heritage perspective, it seems as if the preferred alternative, alternative 1, is
preferred. This is due to only one site being identified here (as opposed to 5 on
alternative 2) and the fact that the line seems to miss the identified heritage site in
any case. It is therefore proposed that once a final decision has been made and the
pylon positions are known, a full heritage impact assessment be done in order to
determine the actual impact.

It should also be noted that the subterranean presence of archaeological and/or
historical sites, features or artifacts is always a distinct possibility. Care should
therefore be taken when the development commences that if any of these are
discovered, a qualified archaeologist be called in to investigate.

Report by

Dr. A.C. van Vollenhoven (L.AKAD.SA.)