Phase 1 heritage impact assessment (HIA) for the proposed Township Fort West X 5, situated on portion 3 and a part of the remainder of the Farm Fort 646 JRSummary

Leonie Marais-Botes Heritage Practitioner/Archaetnos CC was requested by Scip Engineering Group to conduct a Phase 1 Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) for the proposed township Fort West X 5, situated on portion 3 and a part of the Remainder of the Farm Fort 646 JR.

A field survey was conducted after which a survey of literature and archival records was undertaken.

The following is situated in close proximity to the proposed development:

• A fortress (Fort Daspoortrand/Fort West);

• Blockhouse remains;

• Lazaret and

• Two cemeteries.

It should be noted that the sub-surface archaeological and/or historical deposits and graves are always a possibility. Care should be taken during any work in the entire area and if any of the above is discovered, an archaeologist/heritage practitioner should be commissioned to investigate.

Report by

Dr A.C. van Vollenhoven Leonie Marais-Botes