A report on a cultural heritage impact assessment done for the Platinum Group Metals Waterberg Prospecting Area, Limpopo Province


Archaetnos cc was requested by the Platinum Group Metals (RSA) Pty) Ltd to conduct
a cultural heritage impact assessment (HIA) for their Waterberg Prospecting Area.
The project area lies to the west of the town of Bochum in the Limpopo Province.
The HIA includes three farms as these are the ones to be impacted by the proposed
mining development. These farms are Early Dawn 361 LR, Goedetrouw 366 LR and
Ketting 368 LR. Surface infrastructure will be mainly limited to Ketting, with
underground mining activities to be in operation at the other two farms.
The field survey for the project was conducted according to generally accepted HIA
practices and was aimed at locating possible objects, sites and features of cultural
significance in the area of proposed development. One regularly looks a bit wider than
the demarcated area, as the surrounding context needs to be taken into consideration.
However, since the area is extremely large the study is merely an indication of what
cultural resources can be expected in the area.
Twenty-four sites of cultural importance were identified on the three farms indicated
above. Other heritage resources are however known from neighbouring farms and are
included in the discussion.
Some of these sites will be impacted on and therefore mitigation measures are
proposed. The development may continue after implementation of these.
It should be noted that the subterranean presence of archaeological and/or historical
sites, features or artifacts is always a distinct possibility. Due to the density of
vegetation it also is possible that some sites may only become known later on.
Operating controls and monitoring should therefore be aimed at the possible
unearthing of such features. Care should therefore be taken when development
commences that if any of these are discovered, a qualified archaeologist be called in
to investigate the occurrence.
It is also important to take cognizance that it is the client’s responsibility to do the
submission of this report via the SAHRIS System on the SAHRA website. No work on
site may commence before receiving the necessary comments from SAHRA.


Report by

Prof. A.C. van Vollenhoven (L.AKAD.SA.) Accredited member of ASAPA Accredited member of SASCH