A historical-archaeological investigation of the northern most outpost of Steinaecker’s Horse, Letaba district, Kruger National Park II


During excavations for the erecting of a fence at a private home in Ifafi, Northwest Province, a number of neatly packed ammunition cases was unearthed. Archaetnos was contracted to
investigate this find. In order to determine the meaning thereof, the ammunution was excavated and historical information in this regard was obtained. It was determined that the ammunition dated from the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) and that it could probably be connected with one of the block houses that was built in the area. In accordance with a permit issued by the South
African Heritage Resources Agency, the artifacts were placed under the custodianship of Fort Schanskop in Pretoria.

Report by

Anton C. van Vollenhoven BA, BA(Hons),DTO, NDM, MA (UP), MA Jaco van der Walt BA