A report on an archaeological impact assessment for the proposed relocation sites for the Ga-Mampa & Tjibeng graves, for the Sefateng Chrome Mine on Zwartkoppies 413 KS & Waterkop 113 KT, Limpopo Province


Archaetnos cc was appointed by Cultmatrix Heritage Consultants to conduct an archaeological impact assessment for the proposed grave relocation sites (cemeteries) for the Ga-Mampa and Tjibeng community graves, as part of the Sefateng Chrome Mine Development on the farms Zwartkoppies 413 KS and Portion 1 and the remaining extent of Waterkop 113 KT, located in the Fetakgomo Local Municipality, Limpopo Province. The graves that have to be relocated have been identified during previous surveys in the area.

Two sites (one for Ga-Mampa and one for Tjibeng) have been earmarked for the relocation of the graves. These sites were visited and assessed for the possible presence of archaeological objects, features and sites that might be impacted on negatively by the establishment of these cemeteries. Although some archaeological material was identified on the one site, these are out of context and not significant. This report gives a discussion of these sites and finds and also gives an indication of the methodology followed. It also provides recommendations regarding proposed mitigation measures and how to deal with any future finds that might be uncovered during further developments.

The archaeological finds are of low significance, and the development can therefore continue.

Report by

A.J. Pelser