A report on an archaeological desktop study for a proposed township development on portion 11 of the farm Kraalkop 147 IQ near Fochville


Archaetnos cc was requested by Cultmatrix Heritage Consultant to conduct an Archaeological Desktop Study for a proposed development on Portion 11 of the farm Kraalkop 147 IQ, in Fochville. The aim of the study was to inform the findings contained in a Draft Heritage Scoping Report done by Cultmatrix in July 2009.

During March 2010 Archaetnos cc conducted on HIA for a proposed township development on Portion 13 of the same farm in Fochville. A number of stone walled Late Iron Age (LIA) features, similar to those reported by Dr. de Jongh in the Scoping Report, were recorded. We therefore agree with the findings in the Scoping Report, as well as the recommendations made regarding the mitigation measures that need to be implemented.

As the LIA sites and features on both portions of the farm Kraalkop are most probably connected and part of a larger Settlement Complex, we would recommend that they be treated as a whole and not as separate components. The mitigation measures recommended by the authors of the two reports could therefore be implemented in conjunction with each other.

Report by

AJ Pelser