A report on an archaeological desktop study for
the Exxaro Mining Project on portions of
Leeuwbank 427 JS, Blijvooruitsicht 383 JT & Zoekop 426 JS, South of Wonderfontein & Belfast, Mpumalanga


Archaetnos cc was requested by Cultmatrix Heritage Consultant to conduct an Archaeological Desktop Study for a proposed mining project on portions of the farms Leeuwbank 427 JS, Blijvooruitzicht 383 JT and Zoekop 426 JS between Wonderfontein and Belfast in Mpumalanga. The aim of the study was to inform the findings contained in a Heritage Impact Assessment Report done by Cultmatrix in December 2009 for Exxaro Resources Limited.

The desktop study conducted by Archaetnos cc concentrated on literary sources that could provide information on the archaeology of the area, while also utilizing the findings in the report produced by Cultmatrix during 2009. During the survey and study conducted by Dr. de Jongh of Cultmatrix mainly historic farmsteads and homesteads (including farmworkers) and many graves and graveyards were identified. Some Late Iron Age stone walled sites were noticed north and northwest of the study area on Google Earth images, while no evidence for the Stone Age were identified.

This report discusses the findings of the desktop and provides a number of recommendations at the end.

Report by

A.J. Pelser