A report on a heritage impact assessment (HIA) for
the proposed Sedaven development on
portions 8 & 25 of the farm Boschoek 385 IR,
Heidelberg, Gauteng


Archaetnos cc was requested by Plan2Survey Africa, as part of a team of expert consultants contracted by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Transvaal Conference, to conduct a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) for the proposed Sedaven Development on portions 8 & 25 of the farm Boschoek 385 IR, situated near Heidelberg in Gauteng. Ad hoc development has taken place in the area over the years, but any future developments on the property need to be formalized, and this necessitated the assessment.

Besides a number of known formal and semi-formal cemeteries recorded on the property, some other archaeological and historical sites and features were also identified. Although it is uncertain how the proposed development activities will impact on these, these sites are seen as significant and necessary mitigation measures will have to be implemented in order to minimize any negative impacts. The report discusses the findings made during the survey and also gives an indication of the methodology followed. A background to the archaeology and history of the area is also provided. It also indicates how to deal with any cultural heritage material that may be unearthed during the development activities.

Mitigation measures to minimize the impact of the development on the sites and features found are put forward at the end of this report.

Report by

A.J. Pelser
J.van der Walt