Report on a third cultural resources survey for the Two Rivers Project, done on the farm Dwarsrivier 372 KT,Mpumalanga Province


A survey was done in order to determine the presence. nature, extent and significance of
cultural resources at the Two Rivers Platinum project. During the field survey a number of objects and sites were identified.
Most of these will be impacted upon by the proposed development. Grave sites needs to be handled according to the appropriate legislation. A rock art site that was identified should be seen as a no-go area, and may not be touched, It should actually be protected much better than at present.

Apart from the latter, the proposed development can continue. Appropriate recommendations and mitigation measures are put forward in this report.

Report by

Anton C. van Vollenhoven BA, BA(Hons),DTO, NDM, MA(UP), MA(US), DPhil(UP) J. Andre Strydom