The investigation of possible graves on the Farm Blesbokfontein 487 JS, Middelburg


Archaetnos CC was requested by Martin’s Funerals, Witbank, on behalf of Optimum Collieries to investigate the existence of 2 possible graves, of unknown age and origin, situated on the farm Blesbokfontein 487 JS in the Middelburg District, Mpumalanga Province. The extension of the existing Optimum Collieries is being undertaken in this area, and the graves will be directly impacted upon by the mining operations. The two possible graves were located on Site A, a site where previously 3 graves were found and exhumed (See AE Report 402, June 2004).

No physical human remains, or any other indication of the features being graves, such as coffin wood and other cultural material, were found during the investigations. The reasons for this could be varied. More about this in the report later. However, these seem not to have been graves, and the development in this area of the mine can continue.

Report by

A. van Vollenhoven – Principal Investigator (Permit Holder)
A.Pelser, Field Supervisor and Project Leader
F.Teichert, Co-Project Leader