The archaeological investigation and exhumation of graves on the farms Steenkoolspruit 18 IS and Kleinkopje 15 IS, Witbank District, Mpumalanga Province ­2005 (Phase 1)


Archaetnos CC was requested by Martin’s Funerals Witbank, on behalf of Ingwe Collieries Limited, to assist with the investigation and exhumation of a number of unknown graves, and graves older than 60 years of age (SAHRA graves) located on a number of sites on the farms Steenkoolspruit 18 IS and Kleinkopje 15 IS in the Witbank District, Mpumalanga Province. The extension of the existing Douglas Collieries is being undertaken in this area, and the graves will be directly impacted upon by the mining operations.

This report represents the first of a number of documents regarding the exhumation and relocation of graves from sites located on these farms. A total of 39 unknown and SAHRA graves are discussed in this report.

Report by

A.Pelser, Archaeologist (Field Director) and Project Leader