A preliminary report on an archaeological phase 2 mitigation of early farmer sites at Apel extension 1 on the farm Mooiplaas 516 KS and portion 4 of the farm Eersterecht 502 KS, Limpopo Province


Archaetnos cc was requested by C-Plan Development Consultants, through Dr. J. van Schalkwyk, to conduct the Phase 2 Archaeological Mitigation of Early Farmer sites at Apel Village Extension 1. These mitigation measures were recommended as a result of a Phase 1 Heritage Impact Assessment conducted by Mr. Frans Roodt during October 2005. Based on the findings reported in this document, it was recommended that the development can continue on condition that mitigation measures are implemented. These measures needed to consist of the adequate assessment and sampling of the sites recorded by means of test pit excavations.

The archaeological investigation at the site commenced during October 2006. Following the recommendations put forward in the 2005 report, a large number of shovel pit tests, as well as 10 more formal excavations were done at the four sites identified by Mr. Roodt in his report. A large amount of cultural material, mostly pottery, was recovered during this work.

We believe that the work conducted, and the data retrieved through it, by the project team during October/November 2006 is adequate enough to enable us to make the necessary deductions and reconstructions. Therefore it is recommended that the development can continue, although certain conditions will be put forward in the final conclusions and recommendations

Report by

A.Pelser, Archaeologist (Field Director) and Project Leader J. van der Walt, Archaedologist (Field Assistant) Dr. J. van Schalkwyk (Principal Investigator)