A report on a cultural heritage impact assessment on subdivision 8 of the farm Oranje 1385, Vaaldam, Free State


Archaetnos cc was requested by Plan-Enviro CC to conduct a cultural heritage impact assessment on Subdivision 8 of the farm Oranje 1385. The site is located on the banks of the Vaaldam. The development of a number of residential housing units is planned on this property of approximately 60 ha.

During the fieldwork three sites, including an old farmhouse and graves, of low cultural significance were identified on the property. The graves will not be impacted on by the proposed development. The old farmhouse could be older than 60 years of age, and will have to be investigated by an architectural historian before it is demolished. It is recommended that the development can continue as planned, but that the house is assessed in due course.

Report by

A.Pelser, Archaeologist: Archaetnos cc