A report on a cultural heritage impact assessment at the site for the proposed upgrading of the Skilpadhek border post, Northwest Province


Archaetnos cc was requested by K2M Technologies to conduct a cultural heritage impact assessment on the site for the proposed development of the Skilpadhek Border Post, Northwest Province. The area was surveyed on foot.

The fieldwork undertaken revealed eight (8) sites as well as other archaeological features of some cultural heritage significance on the property. Four of these will be directly impacted upon by the development, but there will be a definite secondary impact on all the others. Mitigation measures will therefore have to be implemented.

Two of the sites directly impacted upon are of high cultural significance. These should be excavated and mapped together with one of the other sites from the same period (Late Iron Age). The latter site must then be preserved and protected, but the two sites within the area of development may then be destroyed.

A management plan should be written for the preservation and protection of all sites not impacted upon directly and which are of high cultural significance. This should include the Late Iron Age site mentioned above.

Consideration should be given to incorporating the old structures at the old mine and army base into the newly planned development. It is especially the ammunition store that needs to be preserved. Historical research on this site should be considered in order to preserve and utilize the history of this site. This may also form part of the mentioned management plan.

Report by

A.C. van Vollenhoven & A.J. Pelser