A Report on the preliminary investigation of two historical graves on Plot 1242, Zeerust, Northwest Province


Archaetnos cc was requested by Cornelius du Rand Attorneys of Zeerust, on behalf of Bhyat Motors cc, to conduct the archaeological investigation and exhumation of three historical graves on Plot 1242, Zeerust. These graves were impacted upon by new building developments here, and needed to be exhumed and relocated to the Zeerust Municipal Cemetery (Graves 1 & 2) and to the cemetery outside Zeerust where Diederik Coetzee is buried (Grave 3).

The exhumation and relocation of these graves are the result of mitigation measures put forward in an earlier report by Archaetnos, and sanctioned by the South African Heritage Resources Agency. This report discusses the results of the archaeological and historical investigations into these graves.

The archaeological/historical investigation of and exhumation and relocation of these graves have been successfully completed, and the development can be allowed to continue.

Report by

A. Pelser & Dr. A. van Vollenhoven