Preliminary report of an archival deeds research of the farms mentioned in the Litho Ndzundza land claim case (case no. LCC 116/99) in the Rust de Winter (Mkgudhlulo) area


Archaetnos cc was approached by Andre van Zyl Attorneys in Pretoria, to assist in the location, investigation and documentation of cultural (heritage) sites linked to the Litho Ndzundza. These sites, located on a number of farms in the Rust de Winter area, are included in a gazetted land claim case (LCC 116/99) of the Litho Ndzundza.

The preliminary location, investigation and documentation of cultural heritage sites related to this case were conducted successfully, and are contained in a separate report lodged with the client. A number of sites linked to Litho Ndzundza history was visited and recorded. After the preliminary fieldwork Archaetnos was requested to conduct more in depth research into the cultural history and ethnography of the Litho Ndzundza, as well as further archival research.

A number of fourteen farms are mentioned in the documentation with another two indicated. Therefore all of these were included in the study, although it is believed that not all of these are included in the claims. This aspect needs to be clarified.

Although some remarks are made with relation to the contents of the deeds information, no final interpretation is given. This will be done in a final report after further research has been done. This document reflects the results of the preliminary deeds research regarding the farms mentioned in the claim.

Report by

Dr. A.C. van Vollenhoven (L.AKAD.S.A.)