A report on a heritage impact assessment for the proposed establishment of 3 warehouses on lots 127 & 128, Pomona Estate A.H, Kemptonpark, Gauteng


Archaetnos cc was requested by Route 2 Strategies Westgrove Property Consultants, on behalf of Imbani Projects (Pty) Ltd, to conduct a Heritage Impact Assessment for the proposed establishment of three (3) warehoused on Lots 127 & 128 Pomona Estate Agricultural Holdings, Kemptonpark.

The fieldwork undertaken revealed only one site of cultural heritage significance on the property. This is an old house, older than 60 years of age, currently presumably illegally inhabited by squatters. This structure might be impacted on by the development, and it is recommended that an Architectural Historian be consulted to assess the significance of the structure in more detail. The proposed development can continue, although a number of mitigation measures to minimize the impact on the historical dwelling, put forward in the conclusions and recommendations, needs to be implemented.

Report by

AJ Pelser