A summarized report on the location, investigation and documentation of heritage sites related to the Ga-Chatleka and Mmaegangwe land claims in the Soutpansberg area, Limpopo Province, including the regional history of the Batlokwa and an interpretation of the findings


Archaetnos cc was approached by the Laywers for Human Rights to assist in the location, investigation and documentation of cultural (heritage) sites linked to the Ga-Chatleka and Mmaegangwe, both groups belonging to the BaTlokwa. These sites, located on various farms in the area, are related to two land claim cases, LCC 03/05 and LCC 04/05.

The location, investigation and documentation of cultural heritage sites related to these cases, was conducted during two sessions during 2007 and 2008. A number of sites linked to their history was visited and recorded, some of which are also known through oral records. As part of the work archival and deeds research on the various farms were also conducted. This was done in order to reconstruct and interpret Ga-Chatleka and Mmaegangwe history, to place it in a larger geographical and cultural historical context and to verify oral histories linked to the groups and the sites related with them.

This third report constitutes a summary of the results of the fieldwork sessions, as well as an interpretation of the findings, while we also included BaTlokwa Regional history as part of the investigation. A number of recommendations regarding further fieldwork and preparation for the forthcoming court cases are also put forward at the end of this report.

Report by

A. J.Pelser & Dr. A.C. van Vollenhoven