A report on the archaeological investigation of 2 burials impacted on by the Mafube colliery coal mining operations near Arnot, Middelburg District, Mpumalanga Province


Archaetnos cc was requested by GOLDER ASSOCIATES AFRICA, on behalf of Mafube Colliery (Anglo Coal), to carry out the archaeological investigation and exhumation of a number of known and unknown graves located on the farm Springboklaagte 416 JS near Arnot in the Middelburg District, Mpumalanga. This was to be done in conjunction with AVBOB Middelburg. A total of 82 graves, including 13 graves of stillborn children and infants from relocated homesteads, were investigated and relocated from the area during March & April 2009.

During the October 2009 exhumations two (2) further stillborn babies from two relocated homesteads were undertaken.

This document constitutes the final report on the exhumation and relocation of burials from the area associated with the Mafube Colliery mining operations expansion in the area. Each individual burial is discussed in Appendix 2 (Burial Forms). A summarized discussion is also given.

We believe that the archaeological investigation, exhumation and relocation of the graves from the area were conducted successfully and that the mining operations in the area can therefore continue, taking into consideration that more unknown and unmarked graves might be located in the area in the future. The necessary mitigation measures will then have to be implemented.

Report by

AJ Pelser