Report on a grave at holding 162 Erand Agricultural Holdings x 1, Midrand, in the Gauteng Province


Archaetnos cc was requested by Rob Fowler & Associates to investigate the best way to deal with a grave located on holding 162 Erand Agricultural Holdings X1 in Midrand, Gauteng. The grave was identified by a member of the local community. As a housing development is planned on the site, it was also assessed for other sites of heritage importance.

The site was visited in order to obtain contextual information and to be surveyed. This was coupled with information known about the grave, applicable legislation and the grave relocation process. A risk assessment was also made.

Apart from the grave, no sites of cultural heritage importance were identified. It was found that the grave had been removed, probably within the last two to six weeks. As the grave was older than 60 years this is a heritage grave and protected under the National Heritage Act. Apart from this it is a case of grave desecration and therefore a serious crime was committed.

The South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) will have to investigate the situation and decide what the appropriate way forward in this case should be. Pending their decision, the development may continue.

Report by

Dr. A.C. van Vollenhoven (L.AKAD.SA.) & A.J. Pelser