Archaeological investigation of an Iron Age site at the proposed Capricorn Toll Plaza


During a survey of cultural resources at the site of the proposed Capricorn Toll Plaza, three Iron Age sites, consisting of ash middens, were identified. It was recommended that one of theses be excavated in order to place it in a chronological and cultural framework.

The excavation was done in August, 1998. Although no material was found with which to absolutely date the site, potsherds with decoration were found. This led to the conclusion that the site belongs to the Late Iron Age, probably associated with early Sotho-Tswana peoples.

Report by

Anton C van Vollenhoven – BA, BA (Hons), DTO, NDM, MA Archaeology (UP) Anton J Pelser – BA (UNISA), BA (Hons), Archaeology (Wits) Frank E Teichert – BA, BA (Hons), Archaeology (UP) Pieter Kriel – BA (Anthropology) (UP)