Macambini Water Supply Project Phase2A: Pipeline from Rocky Ridge Reservoir to Tugela Mouth


Nemai Consulting was appointed by Goba (Pty) Ltd to undertake a heritage impact assessment study on the proposed Macambini Water Supply project in KwaZulu Natal. The construction involves an installation of a 450mm bulk gravity water pipeline from the Rocky Ridge Reservoir to the Tugela Mouth. The route is approximately 11km in length. Two routes are proposed one as an alternative for the development. The development will create job opportunities and provide adequate water supply to approximately 58 000 people living in and around the community of Tugela Mouth.

The surface survey was done and completed on 25 July 2012. This report is performed according to the National Heritage Resources Act 25 of 1999 (NHRA). No heritage resources found within the proximity of the construction. It is therefore recommended that based on the survey the construction may proceed.

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