A report on the historical-archaeological excavations of features dating to the late 19th/early 20th century on the farm Paling 434 Hay Magisterial District, near Postmasburg in the Northern Cape Province


Archaetnos cc conducted an AIA (as part of a larger HIA conducted by Dr.Robert de Jong) on the farm Paling 434 during May 2010 (Report AE1030) for Kai Batla (on behalf of PMG Mining). During this assessment a number of archaeological and historical objects, features and sites were identified in the area that will be affected by the proposed mining operations. It included a graveyard containing a number of unknown historical graves (exhumed and relocated earlier in 2012 – See Report AE01246P), some open-air Stone Age scatters (the focus of another report) and the remains of earlier mining infrastructure and the historical homestead and midden deposits (late 19th/early 20th century cultural material).

Archaetnos was then appointed by Kai Batla (on behalf of PMG) to undertake all the required exhumations and archaeological investigations. A permit to conduct the excavations (Reference Number 80/12/05/008/51) was issued by SAHRA. This report focuses on the historical-archaeological excavations near the location of the old homestead on the scatters of historical material. Three excavations were carried out, with two on possible midden areas and one on a stone-packed feature. The report discusses the results of the excavations and surface sampling, as well as the research conducted. Finally the information retrieved is interpreted and some recommendations on further possible work in the area made. From an archaeological and historical perspective however mining operations can commence in the area where this site was located.

Report by

A. J. Pelser