A report on a heritage impact assessment for the proposed Zuurbekom Waste Water Treatment Works, Westonaria, Gauteng ProvinceSummary
Archaetnos cc was appointed by GCS to conduct a cultural heritage study for the proposed Waste Water Treatment Works in Westonaria. This is in the Gauteng Province.
The methodology for the Project included the following:
 Survey of literature
 Field survey – done according to generally accepted HIA practices and aimed at locating all possible objects, sites and features of cultural significance in the area of proposed development.
 Documentation – done according to the general minimum standards accepted by the archaeological profession.
 Evaluation of Heritage sites:
o The unique nature of a site
o The integrity of the archaeological deposit
o The wider historic, archaeological and geographic context of the site
o The location of the site in relation to other similar sites or features
o The depth of the archaeological deposit (when it can be determined or is known)
o The preservation condition of the site
o Uniqueness of the site and
o Potential to answer present research questions.
The area that was surveyed is mostly disturbed and the natural vegetation is reasonably low. It is therefore no surprise that no site of cultural heritage significance was located during the survey. However, there always is a possibility that sites may become known later and that those need to be dealt with in accordance with the legislation discussed.
The final recommendations are as follows:
 It should be remembered that due to the factors indicated in the report, it is possible that all cultural sites may not have been identified. Also the subterranean presence of archaeological and/or historical sites, features or artifacts are always a distinct possibility. Care should therefore be taken when development work commences that, if any more artifacts are uncovered, a qualified archaeologist be called in to investigate.
 This report is therefore seen as ample mitigation and the development may continue.

Report by

Prof. A.C. van Vollenhoven (L.AKAD.SA.) Accredited member of ASAPA Accredited member of SASCH