Report on the assessment of possible graves at the new Eskom Kusile Powerstation, between Balmoral and Kendal, Mpumalanga


Archaetnos cc was requested by ESKOM to investigate the existence of possible graves on a site near the new ESKOM Kusile Powerstation in Mpumalanga. A number of graves have been exhumed and relocated from the area by Doves, in conjunction with archaeologists, in the last few years. The possible grave site will be impacted on by a new water pipeline running from the existing Kendal Powerstation to Kusile.

The aims of the assessment were to determine whether the features identified on the site is indeed graves, and if there were any graves to determine their ages, the number of graves that will be impacted and also to recommend on the best way forward.

The features identified on the site by contractors for ESKOM were not graves and represents the remains of recent farming activities in the area. The site is of low significance and this report is seen as ample mitigation in this regard. From an archaeological point of view there is therefore no reason why the development activities can not take place. However, a number of recommendations are put forward at the end of this report.

Report by

Anton J. Pelser