A short report on the investigation of the existence of possible graves in the area of the Klipsruit Colliery Area near Ogies, Mpumalanga Province


Archaetnos cc was requested by Klipspruit Colliery, on behalf of BHP Billiton, to investigate the possible existence of graves on a portion of the farm Smaldeel 1 IS on their mining property. During the clearing of an area for the construction of water canals, headstones (lying flat in the grass) were identified and the work was ceased. Zenzele Funerals Witbank and Archaetnos cc was then called in to investigate the area and determine if graves did exist in the area or if these graves were already exhumed and relocated during earlier exhumation processes that took place here during 2003.

From the investigations at the site, as well as a visit to Phola Cemetery to where graves from this area where relocated to, it was determined that these graves were indeed exhumed and relocated previously. A written affidavit from one of the descendants also provided evidence. It seems as if the headstones on the site were left here and were not removed with the burials to Phola.

Report by

AJ Pelser